segunda-feira, janeiro 30, 2012


A Noite Passada, 4ª Feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

What you feel is what you get
You know there is no answer fit
We broke the code so long ago
I'm going to keep you ever close
Just like on the day we met
You pulling on me like a cigarette
So like the sea holds to the shore
I'm going to keep you ever close

Always LOVE

quinta-feira, janeiro 26, 2012

A Noite Passada 38 (25-01-2012)

1- Taylor McFerrin - Place in my heart feat. Ryat
2- Lauryn Hill ft D'Angelo - Nothing even matters
3- Anthony Hamilton - Charlene
4- Boy - Little numbers
5- Erykah Badu - Window Seat
6- Erykah Bady with Stephen Marley - In love with you
7- Charles Earland - Coming to you live
8- Radiohead - Sail to the moon
9- Selah Sue (ft.Cee-lo Green) - Please
10- Thievery Corporation - Bario Alto
11- Raphael Saadiq - The answer
12- Raphael Gualazzi - Reality and fantasy (Gilles Peterson remix)
13- Elis Regina - Quero

quarta-feira, janeiro 25, 2012

Suds & Soda

Deixem-me pensar...acho que comecei a ouvir dEUS em 1998 talvez. Lembro-me perfeitamente da primeira música que ouvi deles: Suds & Soda. Recordo que aquilo que primeiro me cativou foi o nome. A forma como estava escrito era de uma genialidade tão tremenda quanto arriscada. E isso agarrou-me logo para descobrir mais deles. Mas a Suds & alto dos meus 18 anos, ouvir aquele violino (eu que era fã das guitarras de Sonic Youth...) os gritos, a letra, a potência que o som do tema transmitia. Fiquei logo ali. Ouvi e re-ouvi 500 vezes o Worst Case Scenario, fui vê-los uma primeira vez ao Coliseu e tornaram-se numa das minhas bandas top 3. Entretanto comprei o In a bar, Under the sea e tornaram-se parte da banda sonora da minha vida através da "Disappointed in the sun"...mas dessa, falamos noutro dia...

terça-feira, janeiro 24, 2012

A Noite Passada, 4ª Feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

I can hear you darling
Hidden in undergrounds
You are already here
Reveal to me
You are not in a place
That seems very safe
Someday I had a hard time
Even smiling

quinta-feira, janeiro 19, 2012

A Noite Passada 37 (18-01-2012)

1- Raphael Saadiq - Skyy, can you feel me
2- Massive Attack - Paradise circus
3- Jane's Addiction - Mountain song
4- Cinematic Orquestra - All that you give
5- Elliot Smith - Everything means nothing to me
6- Jesse Boykins III - Amorous
7- Charlotte Gainsbourg - Paradisco
8- Laura Marling - You are no God
9- Nicolas Jaar - Mi mujer
10- Lhasa de Sela - I'm going in
11- Sleepy Brown - You're my lady
12- Obenewa - Make it better (raw tactics remix)
13- Azembla's Quartet - Esquece tudo o que te disse

segunda-feira, janeiro 16, 2012

A Noite Passada, 4ª Feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

I never felt this way before
What a feeling that you give to me I can't ignore
Your my joy
You truly do enlighten me
Your all I ever want and need you got the best of me
So baby come with me, come with me
You got me wide open
And I'm diggin you so baby keep it coming, yeah
Truly indeed sent from your majesty
Tell me can you feel me, feel me?

A Jigsaw

São de Coimbra. O nome é baseado numa música dos dEUS...isso ajudou a descobri-los... :)

quinta-feira, janeiro 12, 2012

A Noite Passada 36 (11-01-2012)

1- The Strokes - You only live once
2- Michael Kiwanuka - Tell me a tale
3- Faisal - Penelope Dickstop
4- Mara Rhuby - Send it on
5- Toro y Moi - New beat
6- Fleet Foxes - Your protector
7- Devendra Banhart e Rodrigo Amarante - Rosa
8- Lou Reed - Dirty Boulevard
9- Phoenix - 1901
10- Bon Iver - Flume
11- New Look - Nap on the bow
12- The Black Keys - Run right back
13- Thiago Pethit- Don't go away
14- Pixies - Debaser
15- John Lennon - Instant Karma (we all shine on)
16- The Kills - Goodnight, Bad Morning

quarta-feira, janeiro 11, 2012

A Noite Passada, HOJE, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

Oh don't, don't, don't get out
Sh-sh-sh-sh-I can't see the sunshine
Oh, I'll be waiting for you, baby
Cause I'm through
Sit me down
Shut me up
I'll calm down
And I'll get along with you

Shut me up

Shut me up
And I'll get along with you

quarta-feira, janeiro 04, 2012

A Noite Passada 35 (04-01-2012)

1- Alice in chains - Heaven beside you
2- Soundgarden - Black hole sun
3- Mudhoney - Pump it up
4- Nirvana - Come as you are
5- Stone Temple Pilots - Plush
6- Pearl Jam - Jeremy
7- L7 - Pretend we're dead
8- Temple of the dog - Hunger strike
9- Bush - Comedown
10- Foo Fighters - Big Me
11- Ugly Kid Joe - Cats in the cradle
12- Chris Cornell and Jeff Buckley - Spoonman
13- Silverchair - Cemetary
14- Velvet Revolver - Fall to pieces

Geração 'André'

A Noite Passada, HOJE, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

love and hate get it wrong
she cut me right back down to size
sleep the day let it fade
who was there to take your place

no one knows never will
mostly me but mostly you
what do you say do you do
when it all comes down