quarta-feira, setembro 24, 2014

A Noite Passada 158 (24-09-2014)

1- CSS - Let's make love and listen to death from above
2- Placebo - Kings of medicine
3- Supermax - Night groove
4- Diana - Born again
5- Yinyues - Everything (ft Mimi Page)
6- Howling Bells - Setting sun
7- Maverick Sabre - I need
8- Grovesnor - Drive your car (Hot Chip remix)
9- Prins Thomas - Wendy not Walter
10- Jamie Cullum - I'm all over it
11- Wild Nothing - A dancing shell
12- The Dynamics - Miss you

terça-feira, setembro 23, 2014

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

I troll downtown the red light place
Jump up bubble up - what's in store
Love is the drug and I need to score
Showing out, showing out, hit and run
Boy meets girl where the beat goes on
Stitched up tight, can't shake free
Love is the drug, got a hook on me

Pensão Boavista #89 (22-09-2014)

O programa de hoje foi sempre a meter água.

                               PENSÃO BOAVISTA #89



domingo, setembro 21, 2014

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

all these days seem to fade away as i lost faith in myself
question everything i stood for
no women left to look for in life
i began to lose all
found it harder to cope
with everything around me
and them people that would doubt me
oh i, i was in a place that i did not want to be
seeing face after face that i didn't want to see

quinta-feira, setembro 18, 2014

Jungle - The Heat

quarta-feira, setembro 17, 2014

A Noite Passada 157 (17-09-2014)

1- Black Sabbath - Zeitgeist
2- Tim Vanhamel - Take me home
3- Millionaire - Come with you
4- Rahsaan Patterson - 6 AM
5- Rahsaam Patterson - One more night
6- Mayer Hawthorne - Royal (Lorde cover)
7- The Black Keys - Too afraid to love you
8- John Frusciante - Sleep
9- Donnie - Heaven sent
10- Pixies - Motorway to Roswell
11- The Walkabouts - 1+1
12- Tindersticks - Whiskey and water
13- Aretha Franklin - Ain't no way

terça-feira, setembro 16, 2014

Pensão Boavista #88 (15-09-2014)

Fomos de férias à procura do Verão mas não o encontrámos. Ficámos ansiosos. Precisamos de relaxamento.

                                 PENSÃO BOAVISTA #88


segunda-feira, setembro 15, 2014

Pensão Boavista - O regresso, HOJE, 22h

domingo, setembro 14, 2014

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

Turn my whiskey into water
My cigarettes, I don't know what they taste like
Other women seem so ugly to me now

Playthings stand dusty
Books lie open on the page where I met her
And that other life is just a memory to me now

So tell me how it feels
It feels so good
Tell me how it goes
It goes so fast

segunda-feira, setembro 08, 2014

' Until the fuckin' wheels come off, baby '

Ginger me

domingo, setembro 07, 2014

If it makes you happy


105 mil candidatos à Casa dos Segredos. 40 mil candidatos ao Ensino Superior.

sexta-feira, setembro 05, 2014