quarta-feira, abril 29, 2015

A Noite Passada 189 (29-04-2015)

Cat Power (Sun)
1- Cherokee
2- Sun
3- Ruin  
4- 3,6,9  
5- Always on My Own
6- Real Life  
7- Human Being 
8 - Manhattan
9- Silent Machine  
10 - Nothin But Time  
11- Peace and Love

terça-feira, abril 28, 2015

Pensão Boavista #119 (27-04-2015)

Hoje, o Tiago ficou sem almoço; por sorte, a mãe enfiou-lhe um paposeco no bolso.
                                PENSÃO BOAVISTA #119

domingo, abril 26, 2015

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

Real life is ordinary
Sometimes you don't want to live (Want to live)
Sometimes you gotta do what you don't want to do
To get away with an unordinary life

quarta-feira, abril 22, 2015

A Noite Passada 188 (22-04-2015)

Massive Attack (Mezzanine)
1- Angel
2- Risingson
3- Teardrop
4- Inertia Creeps
5- Exchange
6- Dissolved Girl
7- Man Next Door
8- Black Milk
9- Mezzanine
10- Group Four
11- (Exchange)

domingo, abril 19, 2015

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

You are my angel
Come from way above
To bring me love

Her eyes
She's on the dark side
Every man in sight

To love you, love you, love you ... 

You are my angel
Come from way above

To love you, love you, love you ...

Jeff Buckley - O tipo mais triste do mundo?

quarta-feira, abril 15, 2015

A Noite Passada 187 (15-04-2015)

1- Twin Shadow - You call me on
2- Frank Ocean - Blue Whale
3- The walkmen - Red river
4- Lou Rhodes - Never loved a man (like you)
5- Sarah Jaffe - Clementine
6- Them Swoops - Work around it
7- Pacific - Air roses
8- Summer heart - I wanna go
9- The Drums - Let's go surfing
10- Laurie Anderson - Pieces and parts
11- Radiohead - Street spirit (Fade out)
12- Memory tapes - Sheila
13- The Dandy Warhols - Well, they're gone
14- The Beatles - I want you (She's so heavy)

terça-feira, abril 14, 2015

Pensão Boavista 117 (13-04-2015)

Hoje, na Pensão Boavista, temos camisas para todos os gostos: com botões à esquerda, à direita e antena incorporada.
E ainda nos sobra muito pano para mangas. 

                                PENSÃO BOAVISTA #117

domingo, abril 12, 2015

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

Slow down Sunday, dreaming the hours away
Left with the taste of you on my lips
Morning comes and goes, afternoon too
I'm still takin in last night's bliss

I know we've been hurt before
When love came knocking at the door
But i'll tell you one thing for sure
I never loved a man like you

quarta-feira, abril 08, 2015

A Noite Passada 186 (08-04-2015)

1- Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution will not be televised
2- Mayer Hawthorne ft Snoop Dogg - I can't stop
3- Andreya Trianna - Something in the silence
4- Common - Go (Jazzanova Remix)
5- Beach House - You came to me
6- Charles Bradley - Luvin you, baby
7- Cinematic orquestra ft Patrick Watson - Into you
8- Crystal Castles ft Robert Smith - Not in love
9- Feist - My moon, my man
10- Foo Fighters - Walking after you (acoustic)
11- Foster and the people - Pumped up kicks (Gigamesh Remix)
12- Jamie Lidell - You got me up
13- Jose James - Touch
14- M83- Midnight city
15- Kele - What did i do
16- The National - Anyone's ghost
17- Theophilus London - Ain't no sunshine

terça-feira, abril 07, 2015

Pensão Boavista #116 (06-04-2015)

Descodificámos um sinal de rádio vindo de outro planeta que revela novos factos sobre os nomes João e Pedro.

                             PENSÃO BOAVISTA #116


domingo, abril 05, 2015

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

Whenever dark has fallen
You know the spirit of the party
Starts to come alive
Until the day is dawning
You can throw out all your blues
And hit the city lights
'Cause there's music in the air
And lots of lovin' everywhere
So gimme the night
Gimme the night

quarta-feira, abril 01, 2015

A Noite Passada 185 (01-04-2015)

1- Donna Summer - Love to love you baby
2- Curtis Mayfield  Freddies Dead
3- Al Green - For the good times
4- Bill Withers- Use me
5- Shannon Wright - With closed eyes
6- Wilco - How to fight loneliness
7- Fat Freddy's Drop - Wild Wind
8- Swindle ft Footie and Nadia - Ignition
9- Kutiman - Losing it
10- Sarah Linhares - Only Human
11- Justin Timberlake - Don't hold the wall
12- U2 - Love comes tumbling

Pensão Boavista #115 (30-04-2015)

Na Pensão de hoje fomos buscar cotonetes a Famalicão, pizzas a Nápoles e...só não fomos à Nutella por causa daquela fila toda.

                             PENSÃO BOAVISTA  #115