domingo, novembro 30, 2014

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

I've been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand
Could these sensations make me feel the pleasures of a normal man?
These sensations barely interest me for another day
I've got the spirit, lose the feeling, take the shock away

It's getting faster, moving faster now, it's getting out of hand
On the tenth floor, down the back stairs, it's a no mans land
Lights are flashing, cars are crashing, getting frequent now

quarta-feira, novembro 26, 2014

A Noite Passada 167 (26-11-2013)

1- Courtney Barnett - Avant gardener
2- Nouvelle Vague - Dance with me
3- Zola Jesus - Fall back
4- Keep Shelly in Athens - Recollection
5- Frankie Rose - Sorrow
6- The Chameleons - Second Skin
7- Moderat - Bad kingdom 
8- Carl Hall - You don't know nothing about love
9- Jamie Cullum ft. The Roots Manuva - love for $ale
10- The Velvet Undergroud - Sweet Jane
11- Pearl Jam - Nothing as it seems
12- Myron and E. - Do it do it disco
13- Mark Lanegan and Kurt Cobain - Where did you sleep last night

terça-feira, novembro 25, 2014

Heroes. Not.

Pensão Boavista #98 (24-11-2014)

ÚLTIMA HORA: O texto desta semana é anunciado a qualquer momento.

                               PENSÃO BOAVISTA  #98

domingo, novembro 23, 2014

O Alfaiate Lisboeta @ Pensão Boavista (VÍDEO)



A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

Don't feel like home 
Ease a little out 
And all these words alone is nothing like a poem 
Putting in, inputting in 
Don't feel like methadone 
A scratching voice all alone is nothing like your baritone 

It's nothing as it seems 
All that he needs is home 
The little that he sees 
Is nothing he concedes 
It's home

sexta-feira, novembro 21, 2014

Ben Watt and Bernard Butler - Hendra (Live on KEXP)

quarta-feira, novembro 19, 2014

A Noite Passada 166 (19-11-2014)

1- Jose James - Angel
2- Jose James - U R the 1
3- Jose James - While you were sleeping
4- Jose James - Anywhere U go
5- Jose James - Bodhisattva
6- Jose James - 4 Noble truths
7- Jose James - Dragon
8- Jose James - Salaam
9- Jose James - Without U
10- Jose James - Every little thing
11- Jose James - XX
12- Jose James - Simply beautiful
13- Jose James - Love conversation

terça-feira, novembro 18, 2014

PLAYBOY interviews Mayer Hawthorne

Pensão Boavista 97 (17-11-2014)

Abrimos com o vírus da estupidez, passamos pela consecotaleofobia (haverá fobia mais estúpida que esta aos pauzinhos japoneses?) e também.

Nota: Vocabulofobia: Medo de terminar textos 

                              PENSÃO BOAVISTA #97

domingo, novembro 16, 2014

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

if i was half alive
then you were dead
subsistin' on that same old bread

it's the memory that hides
the whole wide world
it's the gas hed's love of america

it's the memory that hides
take your photographs back
for the love of all gods
our gas hed marches on
our gas hed marches on

Jungle - Busy Earnin' (live @ Jools Holland)

quarta-feira, novembro 12, 2014

A Noite Passada 165 (12-11-2014)

1- Zero 7 - I have seen
2- St. Vincent - Birth in reverse
3- Live - Gas hed goes west
4- Sonic Youth - Teen age riot
5- New Order - Bizarre love triangle
6- Killing Joke - Requiem
7- Jacob Faurholt - Terrible reason
8- Neutral Milk Hotel - Everything is...
9- Capicua - Casa no campo
10- D'Alva - Frescobol
11- Nice Weather for the ducks - Back to the future
12- Rui Maia - Never coming back
13- Vicious Five - Blur
14- Guns n' Roses - Prostitute 

terça-feira, novembro 11, 2014

Pensão Boavista #96 (10-11-2014)

José Cabral, O Alfaiate Lisboeta, vem tirar as medidas à Pensão Boavista.

                              PENSÃO BOAVISTA  #96

domingo, novembro 09, 2014

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

Old man there people stare
Thinking back to God knows where
Always back to where he's been
I have seen I have seen

Time goes so slow
Days come and go
But I know, yes I know

quarta-feira, novembro 05, 2014

A Noite Passada 164 (05-11-2014)

1- Jungle - Heat
2- Orelha Negra e Carlão  - Sempre tu
3- Jaguar Ma - Come save me
4- Aeroplane vs Flight facilities - I crave Paris
5- Mayer Hawthorne - Phantom Mood
6- Jose Gonzalez - Stay alive
7- Devendra Banhart - Heard somebody say
8- Foo Fighters - For all the cows (Live)
9- Def Leppard - Hysteria
10- Smashing Pumpkins - You're all i've got tonight
11- Deptford Goth - Feel real
12- Manic Street Preachers - No surface but all feeling
13- Roxy Music - Could it happen to me
14- Elton John - Rocket man
15- The Beatles - Something in the way (she moves) 

terça-feira, novembro 04, 2014

Pensão Boavista 95 (03-11-2014)

No programa de hoje fazemos uma reflexão em torno da palavra spice. Sim, até falamos das Spice Girls.

                               PENSÃO BOAVISTA #95

domingo, novembro 02, 2014

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

Do you know what it means to me
To delight in your company?
Could it happen to me?

Do you know what I'm certain of?
I would love to fall in love
Could it happen to me?

Hey, won't you look at me?
Now I'm cracked wide open, I can't conceal
My all-over trembling, I'm acting strange
And while you're out of reach, I never change