segunda-feira, junho 30, 2014

Imagens do Mundial 5.0

domingo, junho 29, 2014

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

Tomorrow I'll be quicker
I'll stare into the strobe light flicker
And afloat I'll stay
But I'm quite alright hiding today

Tomorrow I'll be faster
I'll catch what I've been chasing after
And have time to play
But I'm quite alright hiding today

Imagens do Mundial 4.0

quarta-feira, junho 25, 2014

A Noite Passada 151 (25-06-2014)

1- Say Lou Lou ft Chet Faker - Fool me
2- Zuco - Jussara
3- Patrice - Truly majestic
4- Animal Collective - My girls
5- Josh Rouse - His majesty rides
6- Beck - Everybody's gotta to learn sometime
7- Sade - Your love is king
8- Daft Punk - Lose yourself to dance
9- Cerrone - Supernature
10- Maverick Sabre - Let me go
11- Magnum - Days ofno trust
12- Neon Neon - The Jaguar
13- Soulwax - You can´t always get what you want
14- David Bowie - Sound and Vision

terça-feira, junho 24, 2014

Itália - Uruguai

Pensão Boavista #82 (23-06-2014)

Lisboa, menina e moça?
O país está velho.
A selecção está na forca.
Mas com a matemática em alta.
No bolso e na tabela.
Que um maruxinho nos safe!

                               PENSÃO BOAVISTA #82

@ 2001

segunda-feira, junho 23, 2014

First Listen: Jose James, 'While You Were Sleeping'

When the spirit of Nirvana surfaces in a song, the artist paying tribute almost always shares style points with that treasured band. The hair is shaggy, the clothes a little ragged; the lineage unfolds, relatively neatly, from punk to the present. Imagine, however, a jazz-trained vocalist fluent in hip-hop's vocabulary, laying down a track as ferociously driven as "In Bloom," but with the negative-ion cool of "Heart Shaped Box." That's what New York singer-songwriter Jose James does with his band in "Anywhere U Go," just one of the fascinatingly recombinant songs on his new album, While You Were Sleeping.

While You Were Sleeping doesn't engage in overt reinterpretation the way James' friend Robert Glasper did, for example, when he covered "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Instead, it's a celebration of the musical birthright James (who was born in 1978) claims as a cosmopolitan quick learner on the later end of Generation X. Much of the album's rock feel comes from the work of new band member Brad Allen Williams, whose guitar work ranges from the undeniable Jimi Hendrix homage that kicks off "Angel" to the Edge-like chromatics of "Bodhisattva." The presence of Williams shifts the mood of James' band, whose deep psychic attunement made 2013's No Beginning No End such a smooth experience. Drummer Richard Spaven hits more in the center sometimes, while keyboardist Kris Bowers plays with Radiohead-style atmospherics. These songs are more direct than James' earlier material in some ways, and more experimental in others, while remaining grounded in a soulful groove.

James makes his music's exploratory nature explicit in lyrics that elaborate richly on his fascination with the energetic interface of body and soul. Well schooled in the seductive arts, James offers excellent love jams in "UR the 1" and "xx." He's seeking a higher power, or at least some kind of universal connection, in "Bodhisattva" and "4 Noble Truths." James' longing for inner peace avoids New Age cliché because, as a soul singer, he never abandons sensuality; his love-man act reaches uncommon levels of tenderness because, as a seeker, he refuses to get stuck in sex-talk clichés.

The threads of James' musical consciousness interweave in the six-minute title track. Starting as an Alice in Chains-style blues built around acoustic guitar, the song's structure breathes itself bigger. Electronics and subtly off-kilter harmonies thicken the music's aura as Spaven's sharp drumming keeps it all from drifting into a haze. Within this complex setting, James sings of a romance derailed and a spirit — the singer's own — seeking recovery in solitude. "I'll return when things have changed," he sings. "Live and die and born again." Jose James is proving adept at reincarnation. Who knows what his next life will be?


Imagens do Mundial 3.0

domingo, junho 22, 2014

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

Change your heart
Look around you

Change your heart
It will stoned you

I need your loving
Oh, like the sunshine

Everybody's gotta learn sometime
Everybody's gotta learn sometime
Everybody's gotta learn sometime

Jesus com a camisola do seu pai na mão

sexta-feira, junho 20, 2014

(Só) Pirlo


22 de Maio de 2014

19 de Junho de 2014

quarta-feira, junho 18, 2014

A Noite Passada 150 (18-06-2014)

1- Foxygen - Shuggie
2- Clã - Golden Skans (Klaxons cover)
3- Junior Boys - In the morning
4- Toploader - Dancing in the moonlight
5- Toranja - Lados errados
6- Supergrass- Late in the day
7- Manic Street Preachers - Intravenous agnostic
8- Jorge Palma - Trapézio
9- Foxygen - Waitin' 4 U
10- Creedance Clearwater Revival - I heard it
11- St. Germain - Alabama Blues (Todd Edwards mix)
12- Bruce Springsteen - Secret garden

Tim Cahill

Heaven adores you

Heaven Adores You is the Elliott Smith documentary that fans have been waiting for. While the Kickstarter-funded film has yet to get a wide release, the early buzz from festivals has been positive. Less documentary and more bittersweet trip down memory lane, the film features interview with friends and collaborators along with archival footage of Smith himself. Heaven Adores You is also the first film of its kind to be allowed to use Smith’s catalog of beautifully heartbreaking songs.

Imagens do Mundial 2.0

terça-feira, junho 17, 2014

Pensão Boavista #81 (17-06-2014)

Alemanha atribui a última tranche a Portugal para recuperação da Selecção. Paulo Bento afirma que se não existirem melhorias haverá austeridade, não descurando a hipótese de recorrer ao banco.

                                PENSÃO BOAVISTA #81

segunda-feira, junho 16, 2014

Remember Def Leppard

Imagens do Mundial 1.0

domingo, junho 15, 2014

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

Light touch my hands, in a dream of Golden Skans, from now on
You can forget our future plans
Night touch my hands with the turning Golden Skans,
From the night and the light, all plans are golden in your hands

Set sail from sense, bring all her young
Set sail from where we once begun
While we wait, while we wait

quinta-feira, junho 12, 2014

Seven days in sunny June

quarta-feira, junho 11, 2014

A Noite Passada 149 (11-06-2014)

1- Da Weasel - Casa (Vem fazer de conta)
2- Mão Morta - Budapeste
3- Pedro Abrunhosa - Tempo
4- Belle Chase Hotel - Sunset boulevard
5- Melo D- Vive a vida que amas
6- Clã e Sérgio Godinho - O elixir da eterna juventude
7- Pluto - Entre nós
8- Ornatos Violeta - Um crime à minha porta
9- Xutos e Pontapés- Tonto
10- Jorge Palma - Jeremias, o fora-da-lei
11- Censurados - Estou agarrado a ti
12- GNR - Vídeo Maria
13- Sérgio Godinho - Dancemos no mundo
14- Linda Martini - Adeus tristeza

Vem aí o Mundial no Brasil (2.0)

Pensão Boavista #80 (09-06-2014)

Existe uma teoria, baseada em testemunhos reais, de que Michael Jackson foi visto a chegar ao Amoreiras de bicicleta.

                               PENSÃO BOAVISTA #80

domingo, junho 08, 2014

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

Às vezes controlo o medo
às vezes pareço mudo
Reconheço as palavras
Mas não ofereço a tudo

Quero o que tu queres
Reencontro-te em mim
Não é por nos desviarmos
Que teremos o nosso fim

sexta-feira, junho 06, 2014

A Vida e o Futebol

quinta-feira, junho 05, 2014

Protesto escrito pelo Dep.Marketing da OLÁ

Earth Is The Loneliest Planet

A Noite Passada 148 (04-06-2014)

1- HAIM - Falling (live)
2- Skye - Love show
3- Lou Rhodes - Why
4- Cat Power - Silent machine
5- Sky Ferreira - Sad dream
6- Blackout - Paixão
7- Feist - Past in present
8- Sharon Van Etten - For you
9- Anja Garbarek - Stay tuned
10- Holly Miranda - Waves
11- Charlotte Gainsbourg - Dandelion
12- Say Lou Lou (ft. Chet Faker) - Fool of me
13- Lykke Li - Dance dance dance
14- PJ Harvey - Good fortune
15- Xana - Manual de sobrevivência

terça-feira, junho 03, 2014

Vem aí o Mundial no Brasil

Pensão Boavista #79 (03-06-2014)

Sexo durante o mundial ou só depois? Pelo sim, pelo não, o melhor é accionar os travões de emergência. 

                               PENSÃO BOAVISTA  #79

domingo, junho 01, 2014

A Noite Passada, 4ª feira, 23/00h, na Rádio Autónoma

I was walking up the street
I was thinking about my dreams might that come true
With you

I was whispering in my sleep
All the secrets that I keep I told to you
I do, I do, I do, I do 
I do, I do, I do, I do